Our mission is to delight and inspire coffee lovers by providing exceptional coffee experiences anytime, anywhere. We are dedicated to serving premium, locally sourced, and expertly crafted coffee that surpasses expectations from our delightful Vintage horsebox coffee trailer.

Our portable coffee bar on wheels

We offer a fully equipped coffee bar in our converted vintage horsebox trailer. We provide all the equipment and ingredients necessary to brew and serve a variety of coffee drinks, speciality teas and other hot & cold beverages. 

Our trailer is fully equipped with a  2-group vintage espresso machine, coffee grinder, milk steamer, ice maker, hot & cold water and a all the necessary ingredients to brew fantastic coffee.

We have our own water supply system, power distribution and we can run from our own power source (generator) as well as a typical UK 3-pin plug mains power and gas (LPG) for the coffee machine! 

We attend events including festivals, farmers markets, corporate functions or even a busy street corner.

A flexible and convenient way for people to enjoy their favourite coffee drink wherever they may be, bringing the coffee shop experience directly to customers.